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MBIS MRBIS BISS AmGCh/CanGCh.Gumby's Bearposh Ever After

Bearposh Chinese Shar-Pei / Canada

Ever's Offspring

Ever's Offspring

AmCh.Underdog's Victorious x MBIS BISS AmCh.CanGCh.Gumby's Bearposh Ever After
Meg x Ever
October 7 2015

In late 2015 Ever started his stud dog career in grand style! Simone Demirjian Beazly of Underdog's Chinese Shar-Pei bred her beautiful bitch Meg to Ever.
Meg, a proven bitch in her own right in and out of the ring gave birth to 7 healthy puppies on October 7 2015. 5 boys and 2 girls. This litter was co-bred by Simone and Andrea Robins.

Although 2 of the 7 were petted out there was no doubt all 7 were of show quality. Andrea Robins kept a bitch named Marvel and a dog named Static.
Simone kept a dog named Comic and a bitch named Electra. The 5TH puppy, a boy named Disco was placed with a mutual friend so she could run him
on, hopefully earn a Canadian Championship and possibly be sold by the end of 2016 as a Champion. As it turned out, Maureen fell in love and decided Disco was such a nice fit in her home that she wanted to keep him!  Disco is now a lifetime resident in Maureen's home and is co-owned by her and Simone.

Show Time For The Ever x Meg Pups!

MBPIS CanCh.AmCh.Gumby's Jive Talking Underdog

- Disco became a Canadian Champion at just 7.5 months of age and an American Champion at 9 months 2 days of age! Disco and Maureen have earned
2 Best Puppy In Show, 6 Best Puppy In Group and is a multiple Group 1 winner all before the age of 9 months! Disco is rank as the #1 Chinese Shar-Pei
in Canada and the #6 Chinese Shar-Pei in breed. The future looks very bright for this Meg x Ever Son. Disco is co-owned by Maureen and Simone.

AmCh.Underdog's Forever Victorious

- Comic, owned and co-bred by Simone Demirijian and Andrea Robins earned his American Championship before the age of 9 months. There is no doubt a Canadian Championship is in this boys future!


MBPIS Gumby's N Underdog's Magnetic Force

- Static, owned by Andrea Robins and Sharon Palmay, bred by Andrea and Simone,  is a Mulitple Best Puppy In Show winner and multiple Best Puppy In Group winner, all before the age of 9 months. Static is also a Group 1 winner from the puppy classes! Static is well on his way to earning his Canadian Championship.

MBBPIS Gumby's Marvelous Underdog

- Marvel, owned by Andrea Robins and co-bred by Andrea and Simone earned 4 Best Baby Puppy In Show and 6 Best Baby Puppy In Group at just under 6 months of age! Marvel is well on her way to earning her Canadian Championship and American Championship! Marvel is major pointed in the USA.

Bearposh Chinese Shar-Pei could not be more proud of Ever's very first litter! We are grateful to Simone of Underdog's Chinese Shar-Pei
for entrusting us with helping to produce such an amazing litter with Meg, an already proven producer of Champions! Thank you Simone!
And to Andrea Robins as co-breeder on this litter. Andrea was very important helping make this litter happen so smoothly! Thank you!
Thank You Underdog and Gumby's!

Second Litter

Underdog Nyx Babayaga x MBIS BISS AmCh.CanGCh.Gumby's Bearposh Ever After

Nyx x Ever

December 25 2015

Christmas came just on time for Ever's second litter! On December 25 2015 three beautiful pups were born. Sharon Chambliss of Triple C 

Chinese Shar-Pei along with co-breeder Terry Faulkner welcomed Noel, Scooter and Scrooge. This was particularly exciting for Triple C

as it was there very first litter! Congratulations Sharon and Triple C ! 


Triple C's Xmas Boot Scoot N Boogie

Scooter is a Triple C puppy, co bred by Sharon Chambliss and Terry Faulkner. Scooter is co-owned by Sharon, Terry and Shawn Faulkner. Scooter is not only a loving pet, a show dog but he is a working farm dog who can pick strawberries and green beans with the best of them! Scooter is already well on his way to becoming an American Champion after taking majors his first weekend out at just 6.5 months of age!


Triple C's Shatters The Myth With Underdog

Noel, a sweet silver sable girl that is loved by all who meet her! Noel is owned by Simone Demirjian Beazly and co-bred by Sharon and Terry. Noel is

 also on her way to her American Championship as she too is major pointed in the US.


The Puppies Just Keep Coming For Ever!

Snapple x Ever
Shine Chinese Shar-Pei / Rebecca Pentecost / Cleveland Ohio
BISS AmCh.Shine's Made From The Best Stuff On Earth x MBIS BISS AmCh,CanGCh.Gumby's Bearposh Ever After
Born: January 11 2016

Kila x Ever
Pei Attention Chnese Shar-Pei / Anna Thorsjo / Katrineholm Sweden
Pei Attention Queen of Sweden x MBIS BISS AmCh.CanGCh.Gumby's Bearposh Ever After
Born: May 7 2016

Tina x Ever
Xu-Fei Chinese Shar-Pei / Ann Cookson / Springfield Illinois
Ch.Xu-Fei's Simply The Best x MBIS BISS AmCh.CanGCh.Gumby's Bearposh Ever After
Born: May 29 2016

Nyx x Ever (repeat breeding)
Triple C Chinese Shar-Pei / Sharon Chambliss with co-breeder Terry Faulkner / Milan Tennesse
Underdog Nyx Babayaga x MBIS BISS AmCh.CanGCh.Gumby's Bearposh Ever After
Due: July 25 2016