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Your direct link to the Alvalley website 

Here is your direct link to the Alvalley catalog. This 58 page catalog will allow you to pick exactly what you want. Size, color, length, style etc. The catalog is a great guide to all of the Alvalley products now available! Pricing is found at their own website or by asking us via e-mail. Let "Lead On Ever After" be your direct source for Alvalley!

Hand braided and hand crafted by artisans in Colombia South America.

- High quality leather

- Handcrafted workmanship

- Hand braided and tightly woven with a smooth and soft feel

- Various thickness ranging from super thin, thin, medium and thick

- extensive color choices and combinations available

- 2 foot to 6 foot standard with custom orders always welcome

Alvalley takes great pride in the workmanship, feel, quality, strength and over all durability of their product.
High quality leather and high quality solid brass rings make's for unmatched longevity!


 Product Line Up 

- Braided leather show leads
- Snap leads
- Loop leads
- Slip leads
- Slip leads with stops & double stops
-Braided leather slip collars
- Braided leather buckle collars
- Flat leather leads and collars
- Rolled leather leads
- Metal slip chains (chock collars)
- Nylon leads and collars
- Martingale leads
   Plus many other items


- Black

- Brown

- Tan

- Black & Brown

- Black & Tan

- Black & White

- Brown & Tan

- Black & White

- Tan & White


- White

- Red

- Deep Blue

- Pastel Pink

- Turquoise & White

- Pastel Pink & White

- Red & White

- Apple Green

- Cherry Red

- Hunter Green

- Purple

- Raspberry

- Sky Blue




- Superthick: 10mm (6/16 inch) 8 strands used in braiding

- Thick: 8mm (5/16 inch) 8 strands used in braiding

- Medium: 5mm (3/16 inch) 6 strands used in braiding

- Thin: 4mm (1/8 inch) 6 strands used in braiding

- Superthin: 2mm (1/16 inch) 4 strands used in braiding


Please check out Alvalley at their website. 
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