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Raredog Greeting Cards

                   Raredog Shar Pei GREETING CARDS of Winnipeg Manitoba

                                   Welcome to Raredogs Greeting Cards! While we are sure to add other breeds to our line up in the future, our primary image is that of the Chinese Shar Pei. Walk into any card shop and you are sure to find several cards bearing the wrinkle dogs likeness. No other canine is used more in the card or calender industry. Our cards are different as they lean heavily towards portrait images rather then the standard cute ones you find available today in most stores. Our greeting cards will be left BLANK inside so you are able to choose what image best conveys your personal message. Thank you for your interest. Please note, some e-mails from my site may be directed into your bulk folder or junk folder depending on how you have things set up.  Be sure to check there for my reply. Please e-mail me at:  raredogatthewheel@yahoo.ca

                                                                  Why A Raredog Greeting Card?
Raredog Greeting Cards are different!  Although we are a new and small company, we have made every effort to ensure our cards could compete  on the open market. We have done extensive research in order to  compete with other cards you may consider. We have found that our quality and price are equal, and in many cases better then that of  competitors. We all have a good product that deserve your consideration. It's just some subtle differences that we hope set us apart. Many cards of a similar nature are 4.25x5.5 in size, our cards are ALL 5x7. Many competitors use color laser printers while our cards are produced on a commercial 4 color printing press at Esdale Printing Company of Winnipeg.  Our cards are all  machine folded to ensure exact precision. We are using 4 different kinds of stock paper. Depending on what grade suits what image. This is commercial grade heavy weight stock. Esdale has been in the printing business for over 50 years. We do not use in home scanners or printers! We believe that our suggested retail price of $3.99ea is completely inline or LESS then cards of EQUAL quality. (on-line pricing is less!!) Wholesale enquires are always welcome!!
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